Capital Project Vote Set for February 13, 2024

Proposition 1 Has No Additional Tax Impact

January 2024

Dear Yorktown Central School District Community,

I hope this letter finds you and your family happy and well.  As we begin this new year, I wish you and your family the very best in 2024!  

I am writing to share additional information regarding the upcoming bond project that our Board and Administration have been discussing in earnest over the last several months.  On Tuesday, February 13, 2024, we will be putting forward a vote on a bond project that includes two propositions.  The first proposition will cost approximately $46M and have no additional tax impact.  The first proposition includes expansions to Brookside, Crompond, and Mohansic elementary schools.  These expansions will provide additional space and resources to accommodate student needs and the growing student population, ensuring that every child continues to have access to the high-quality education that has become synonymous with Yorktown.

The first proposition entails extensive renovations to our middle school, including full renovations to many classrooms, science rooms, home and careers classroom, the cafeteria, and the main lobby.  In addition, at both Mildred E. Strang Middle School and Yorktown High School, the bond project will completely renovate all music and art classrooms.  These renovations will provide our talented musicians and artists with state-of-the-art facilities to practice and showcase their talents.  Additionally, the science research room at Yorktown High School will be upgraded to a larger space that will provide our students with the necessary facility and resources so they may continue to conduct cutting-edge scientific research.

Another highlight of the bond project at Yorktown High School is the addition of a new multi-purpose turf field where the current baseball field is located.  This field will not only benefit our athletes and physical education classes, but will also be utilized by our middle school to provide increased opportunities for outdoor recess.  What’s more, this second turf field will be an incredible resource to our community for years to come.

Finally, the first proposition proposes investments in security that will continue to elevate the already robust measures in place in our District.  Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our students and staff, and we will continue to demonstrate this commitment through strategic investments in this bond project.

All of the above items are included in proposition 1 with NO additional tax impact.  However, we heard very clearly from our community, through the facilities survey that we conducted and informal conversations with members of our community, that our district has additional needs.  After thoughtful consideration, we are also presenting a second proposition on the ballot for February 13th.  This second proposition will include a full renovation to the Mohansic cafeteria, an emergency generator to power critical infrastructure on our MS/HS campus, an additional multi-purpose turf field, and an outdoor concession plaza that includes a concession stand, bathrooms, and an outdoor dining area. 

Proposition 2 can only be passed if proposition 1 passes.  The tax impact for proposition 2 is approximately $78 per year, or $6.50 per month, for a home at the Town’s average assessed value.  As previously mentioned, there is no additional tax impact for Proposition 1.

In addition to sharing information on our website, we will also be hosting community meetings to discuss any questions that you may have.  The dates are provided below.  We encourage you to stay informed and engaged in this important conversation.

The vote will take place at the French Hill School Library on Tuesday February 13, 2024 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

I urge you to exercise your right to vote.  Thank you for your continued support of our excellent school district!

–Dr. Ron Hattar
Yorktown Central School District

We invite you to attend any one of the upcoming informational sessions to learn more about the proposed capital project.

Project Breakdown by Building

Proposition 1

Brookside Elementary School

Mohansic Elementary School

Crompond Elementary School

Mildred E. Strang Middle School

Yorktown High School

Proposition 2

Mohansic Elementary School

YCSD Emergency Operations

YCSD Athletic Complex (on YHS/MESMS campus)

What Will It Cost?

Investment by Program Area

Survey Results

The District received nearly 600 responses to a June 2023 survey. The feedback collected was shared with our architects, ensuring that every perspective was considered and that the overarching themes from the survey contributed to our planning process. 

Questions and Answers

Why now?

Current enrollment, student and programmatic needs, enrollment projections, and local housing developments indicate a pressing need for additional instructional space in our schools, particularly at the K-5 level. 

Why prioritize the expansion of the elementary schools over reopening French Hill?

Expanding existing K-5 buildings is more cost-effective than reopening French Hill for instructional purposes. While French Hill is well-maintained, it does not currently align with modern K-12 standards. The expenses associated with renovating French Hill would be approximately equivalent to the costs of expanding our current schools. However, French Hill has provided the District with a viable option for our new pre-k program without the need for significant renovations.

In addition to renovation costs, reopening French Hill would add about $3 million annually due to initiating a new bus route and hiring new personnel, which would not be necessary in our current proposal.

What will this project cost, and will it lead to a tax increase?

Proposition 1 would cost $45,995,000 and would have no additional impact on taxes. The bond would replace existing debt from a previous capital project, ensuring no additional impact to taxpayers.

Proposition 2 would cost $10,995,000 and would have an approximate tax impact of $78 per year, or $6.50 per month, for the town’s average assessed home.

How will the renovations be prioritized?

The expansions of our elementary schools have been prioritized, as there is an immediate need for additional space in those buildings. Additional consideration was given to the tax impact of the projects, with construction being staggered over years to manage debt and keep Proposition 1 tax neutral. The construction has also been scheduled to minimize disruption to the school year, with much of the work being carried out in the summer. 

Did the community have any input?

The District received nearly 600 responses to a June 2023 survey. The feedback collected was shared with our architects, ensuring that every perspective was considered and that the overarching themes from the survey contributed to our planning process. The project has been discussed at many Board of Education meetings since May 2023. Additionally, seven in-person and virtual community forums will be conducted in January and February.

What is the timeline of the proposed capital project?

Pre-construction planning would begin immediately after the vote, and actual construction is expected to run over a five-year period beginning in April 2025.

Survey Responses

Survey participants were given the opportunity to share additional feedback regarding a potential bond referendum. The link below includes all of the submitted responses, some of which have been lightly edited for spelling/grammar.

Top 5 Questions

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