About Us

District Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Yorktown Central School District is to provide a comprehensive learning experience that emphasizes the education of the whole child. We will achieve our mission by:

    • Providing students with the knowledge, skills, values and attitude that they need to be competent, contributing and compassionate world citizens
    • Valuing diversity and global consciousness
    • Emphasizing personal responsibility, growth and development to maximize individual group potential
    • Developing an understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and making good choices
    • Encouraging moral conscience, promoting self-respect and demonstrating respect for others
    • Fostering creativity, entrepreneurship and a deep appreciation for the arts

Core Beliefs:

    • We educate the whole child so that he/she can be a caring and competent citizen who can make a difference in the community, country and world
    • We provide a safe, welcoming and orderly environment which fosters a climate for the emotional, social and intellectual success of all members
    • We contribute to the development of each child's ownership of personal behaviors
    • We model and instill a lifelong love of learning
    • We believe that the home, the school and the community should partner to enhance the growth and development of every learner
    • We respect and embrace diversity in all of its forms, believing strongly that everyone matters